Tree Removal Service in Lancaster & Chester County

Trees are beautiful and majestic and a vital natural resource.

When they become damaged or diseased, they become massive liabilities. As a tree removal service, we employ a trained and experienced staff to safely remove these trees to alleviate risks and restore safety to your property.

Do you know how to tell if a tree is dead and needs to be removed? If not, we can help you identify potential issues and make recommendations on next steps. Our evaluation may find you may not need to remove a tree that’s damaged or diseased, as there could be ways to save the tree with treatments or tree trimming/pruning services. This is why it’s vital to have an expert tree care service come out and review your options with you.

Is it Time to Hire a Tree Removal Service?

If you’re asking this question, it probably is a good time to call in the experts to assess whether or not your tree should be removed. There are a few ways to determine you need a tree removal service, including leaning, large cracks or holes in the trunk, low hanging branches, and more.

Perhaps your tree has simply outgrown its location, or you’ve moved into a new home and prefer an oak tree instead of a maple tree the previous owner planted. Whatever your reason, our tree removal service will get the job done, at a fair price, and leave your lawn and landscape clean and damage free!

Our Tree Removal Process

Our tree cutting services include an on-site inspection, where we will assess your tree then provide you with recommendations and pricing. We will safely and professionally remove your tree to the ground without damaging your home, your fence, or your car.

Sometimes, the safest and most efficient way to remove a tree is with a crane. Difficult jobs and technical rigging are our specialty. We have years of experience removing large trees in tight spaces. Using a tree removal service that isn’t experienced working with large trees and crane removals can be a major liability.

Reaching Higher has the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle large, crane-assisted tree removals. You can trust us to handle your tree removal with the highest level of professionalism and commitment to doing the job safely. Our crane-assisted tree removal is ideal for removing trees in hard-to-reach places or trees of larger size.

Protecting Your Lawn & Landscape

It’s important to choose a tree removal company that’s careful with how they clean up after their tree removal service. We have ground protection mats available to use when necessary to protect your lawn as well and take care not to damage your grass or the landscape.

Tree Removal Costs

If you’re left wondering how much it will cost to remove a tree, you can expect an average cost of around $800. This can vary greatly depending on the size of tree, location, proximity to power lines or high-traffic areas, and more. We encourage you to check out our tree removal cost blog which provides more details.

We welcome our Chester and Lancaster County neighbors to give us a call today for a free tree removal estimate, or click here to request service online.

Find out for yourself why we’re one of the highest rated tree cutting services in the area!

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