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Stumps are ugly, present a risk to safety, and may encourage unwanted new tree growth. Stump removal is the final step in completely removing a tree. Our tree stump grinding service can remove the eyesore for you.

Trying to grind a stump on your own can be risky and dangerous, and at the very least challenging. Instead of renting a stump grinder, you can trust our experienced, trained staff to grind your tree stump and properly discard the remains.

How Stump Grinding Works

We have specialized equipment that we use to grind out the stump, down to about 6″ or deeper below the surface of the ground.

Most people opt for us to leave the remaining chips in place to be used as mulch. That said, if requested, we are also able to arrange to have the hole filled with dirt and then seeded, making it possible for grass to grow over the space where the stump originally was.

Grinding a tree stump is a fairly quick project. On average, it takes approximately 1-2 hours total, although we’ve finished some smaller jobs in about half an hour.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

The price can vary drastically depending on the size of the stump. To help us provide you with a more accurate estimate, we’ll need to know the full diameter of the part of the stump that is exposed above ground.

For example, at the part of the stump where it was cut off, the diameter might be only 2 feet, but the trunk expands out toward the ground (as part of the root system) and might be 3 feet in diameter at that point. We’d need to know the 3-foot measurement in that example.

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What Happens to Roots After Stump Grinding?

A question we often get when quoting a stump grinding project is what happens to the roots once the stump grinding is complete. Some may be concerned the leftover roots may provide the old tree a chance to regrow, but fear not!

The stump grinding process typically goes about six inches deep into your soil. The remaining wood chips and soil hinders growth and blocks out any sun that would allow for new saplings or unwanted growth, so this means no new tree!

The remaining roots, which can extend beyond 12 feet, depending on the size of the tree, will decay over time in a process that will take several years.

What to Do After Stump Grinding

Following a stump grinding job, you’re left with a few decisions on what to do with the leftover wood chips. There are a few options you have:

  • Cover the area in sod
  • Plant new grass seed
  • Mix the wood chips it into the surrounding soil
  • Plant new material*

* We generally recommend against replanting a tree where your old one was, or at least waiting a year or more to allow for those roots to decompose some. It can be difficult for the new tree’s roots to establish, as the remaining roots create spacing issues. Some trees, like the black walnut, can even secrete toxins, called juglone, that prevents other plants from taking root. If you do wish to plant a tree in the same place where one was removed, let us know and we can grind your stump deeper, and go further out into the surrounding roots so your new tree can grow.

How to Fill a Hole After Stump Grinding

While not exactly a hole, you may be left with uneven soil following a stump grinding. The best way to kick off the ground settling process and set you up for success with sodding or planting new grass seed (or plant material), is to remove any wood chips, branches, or root debris that remains. 

Once everything but soil is removed, you’ll want to add topsoil back in and level the ground. Soil will naturally compact over time, so you’ll want to make the topsoil a little higher than ground level to accommodate for this settling. Only then will you have a good foundation to plant your seed, sod, or new plant material.

Clean & Professional Stump Grinding Services for Lancaster & Chester Counties

You won’t have to worry about us leaving your yard a mess following a stump grinding project. Our stump grinding services can leave your property as clean as it was when we started.

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