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“We have a large (at least 3′ diameter) oak tree in our back yard that needed to be drastically trimmed or taken down. Most of the tree work in our area is removal or drastic hacking that looks terrible. I hesitated to have it removed because the tree was planted from an acorn 40-plus years ago by our then-infant son. The acorn came from his grandfather’s farm. For too long we tried to find someone that could trim the tree without making it look like a hack job. Finally, we found Reaching Higher, who gave us information about what correct trimming would involve…Excellent work!”

Monroe R

“Shane responded within hours, walked my property later the same day and had a proposal to me later that evening. His price was very reasonable, and his team were very courteous and professional. They cleaned up everything and left the yard spotless after the job. I would highly recommend Reaching Higher LLC for your tree service needs.”

Steve B

“I hired this company to remove an 85-foot maple tree in a very tight area. They were very safe and efficient and did absolutely no damage to the lawn using mats and a track loader. I could not be happier.”

Carl W

“The two professionals were extremely hard workers. They worked the entire 3 hours that they were there. The work was better than I expected, and they left the work area clean. They were courteous and very friendly while they explained the work. They really knew how to cut down trees because they did it in a very small yard and all the branches landed safely. I would hire them again and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Mary G

“The team that worked at my house were very safety focused and efficient- the company is a class act!”

Scott H

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